PGO Contact Information:

Gene Plihal, Outfitter 780-925-3894

Emily Plihal, Outfitter 780-837-0563

Box 71 Donnelly, Alberta, Canada T0H 1G0



Prices of hunts include:

1. Food and Lodging During the Hunt Days.
2. Skinning and caping of the trophy.
3. All transportation during the days of the hunt.
4. Guide service with one guide per two clients unless otherwise specified.

Prices DO NOT include:

1. Meat processing and shipping.
2. Taxidermist fees.
3. License and allocation fees (established by the Alberta Government).
4. Gratuities to guides and cooks.
5. Gun registration fee at the border.






















WTDWhitetail Deer

A recent addition to hunting opportunities afforded our clients is the EXCLUSIVE world famous WMU 523 elite whitetail hunt on our private land! This land is posted, carefully managed and is the hunt of a lifetime!!!

The Whitetail we've seen on our land at season's end in 2017 bodes extremely well for 170-190 class deer in 2018.

Pictured on the left is Mr. Kelly Kirsch who hunted with our camp in 2017. His beautiful whitetail scored 163.5. He saw a number of deer in the blind during his week and if you give him a call he will tell you of the quality of bucks he saw.









Price is $7,000USD plus licenses and tax

Hunting Dates Number of spots available
November 21-29, 2018
1 Spot available (WTD-523, MO 544, Wolf)
November 21-29, 2019
1 Spot available (WTD-523, MO 544, Wolf)


2017 References

Name Phone State
Kelly Kirsch



Wolf and Fishing

Joe wolf Wolf hunts and fishing are usually add-ons to our four mainstays; moose, mule deer, black bear, and whitetail deer. With our lodge situated in a northern wilderness setting, great fishing can be had after a short drive from our lodge. Fill your tags early and take advantage of pickerel, pike, perch, or a number of other species.


For more information please call Emily at 780-837-0563 or Gene at 780-925-3894.