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Emily Plihal, Outfitter 780-837-0563

Box 71 Donnelly, Alberta, Canada T0H 1G0



Prices of hunts include:

1. Food and Lodging During the Hunt Days.
2. Skinning and caping of the trophy.
3. All transportation during the days of the hunt.
4. Guide service with one guide per two clients unless otherwise specified.

Prices DO NOT include:

1. Meat processing and shipping.
2. Taxidermist fees.
3. License and allocation fees (established by the Alberta Government).
4. Gratuities to guides and cooks.
5. Gun registration fee at the border.


























Mule Deer

Rapidly Gaining Centre Stage:Joe Hayduk

Think of mule deer and what image immediately pops up? Montana, Wyoming, Colorado deer? Well, maybe, but Alberta is the home of the world record mule deer. And, the Peace Country in Alberta is rapidly being recognized as the place to go for big mule deer.

2017 saw one of the best years ever for our mule deer hunts! Doug Dykstra of Yankton, SD pulled off a spectacular shot on a 176"+ deer on the dead run with one shot! This monarch still has to go through dry score measurement.

In the same week with a different hunter another mule deer of similar quality was, unfortunately, missed! Sightings of other great deer made it obvious that quality of mule deer are on the resurgence in our area!

Book while you can because we only have two of these premium hunts available!

Our allocations for mule deer are in WMU's 523 and 544. WMU 523 is now famous for great mule deer, with $8,500 asking prices common for these hunts. (And for good reason). Contrast this present day situation with that of 15+ years ago in WMU 523 when mule deer allocations could be purchased over the counter for $75!!

Change is the only constant in life

WMU 544 is dawning an excellent habitat for good bucks as a result of clear cut programs being undertaken by local timber companes. We recommend this mule deer hunt in combination with moose in November to provide a strong likelihood of success in harvesting one of the animals.

But, hold the phone, with the habitat change and rapid influx of mule deer populations from the adjoining WMU 523 monster mule deer territory, it's only a matter of time before this will become a mule deer, stand alone hunt, haven. We've harvested beautiful bucks in this WMU and it is common knowledge among the locals that the nuumbers are on the rise.


Price listed is USD$ plus licenses and tax

Hunting Dates Number of spots available Species Cost

Nov. 1-8, 2018

2 spots available


Moose (523), Mule Deer (523), Wolf


November 11-19, 2018

2 spots available
Mule Deer (523), Moose (544), Wolf

November 22 - 30, 2018

4 spots available

Moose, Mule Deer, Wolf (all in 544)


Nov. 1-8, 2019

4 spots available
Moose (523), M/Deer (523), Wolf
Nov. 10-18, 2019
2 spots available
M/Deer (523), Moose (544), Wolf
Nov. 21-29, 2019
2 spots available
Moose, M/Deer, Wolf (all 544)


2017 Reference

Name Phone State
Doug Dykstra
Allen Stoebner