PGO Contact Information:

Gene Plihal, Outfitter 780-925-3894

Emily Plihal, Outfitter 780-837-0563

Box 71 Donnelly, Alberta, Canada T0H 1G0


Prices of hunts include:

1. Food and Lodging During the Hunt Days.
2. Skinning and caping of the trophy.
3. All transportation during the days of the hunt.
4. Guide service with one guide per two clients unless otherwise specified.

Prices DO NOT include:

1. Meat processing and shipping.
2. Taxidermist fees.
3. License and allocation fees (established by the Alberta Government).
4. Gratuities to guides and cooks.
5. Gun registration fee at the border.














About Plihal's Frank Lake Guiding & Outfitting:APOS award

Conservation and Preservation of water, trees, wildlife and land is our VISION AND MISSION!

First licensed to provide guiding service in 1978 by the Alberta Government, Plihal's Frank Lake Guiding & Outfitting provides a combination of experience in Gene Plihal and the vitality and youthful exuberance of Emily Plihal, 15 year veteran guide and new co-owner of Plihal's Frank Lake Guiding & Outfitting along with documented rights to hunting area used by PGO.

With 53 allocations (licenses) for moose, black bear, mule deer and whitetail deer, we represent one of the larger outfitters in the Peace/Smoky River area. Boasting 40 years in business without a wildlife or criminal offense, we have one of the cleanest, long standing outfitting records in Alberta. This is four decades with an impeccable record.

Equally impressive, we think, is that our business has never been asked to appear before the disciplinary committee of the Alberta Professional Outfitters' Society, and in a business brimming with potential ethics and conduct issues, we think this is an achievement.

Small outfitters - Big resultsPlihal table

With a maximum of six hunters in camp at a time, your chances of harvesting a quality animal are increased. You will be part of a fair chase hunt with no fenced in wildlife!

Private Land

We own and have access to nearly 20,000 acres of private acres and the availability of millions of acres of public land to hunt on.

"Our motto: Honesty, Integrity and Success"